Verde consistently reduces maintenance and fuel costs between 10% and 14%
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    Evolving from Space Age Technologies
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Commercialization of Proven Technologies

Stage One:
Commercialization of Proven Technologies

With more than 40 Years of research in combustion and lubricants, Verde’s fuel technologies have solved critical issues in rocket propellants, un-maned aviation, low sulfur diesel (LSD) and ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD). Over the past 15 years these classified technologies have been made commercially available. By combining a targeted development budget, proprietary unbroken combustion technologies,and top grade materials available only to authorized DOD & NASA suppliers, you end up with top shelf excellence in liquid engine enhancement technologies. And the results with vCES have been proven over and over.

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Commercialization of Proven Technologies

Stage Two:

Commercializing the Verde’s fuel technologies was very capital intensive and as a result the commercialized solution price became a barrier to entry. Therefore, Verde began offering Guaranteed Fuel Savings as part of the Verde Fuel Management program. To Deliver on this guarantee, Verde assembled a diversified team of individuals who have harnessed the Internet of Things and quantitative tools to help mission-driven organizations assess and achieve these savings.

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Expanding the Vision

Stage Three:
Expanding the Vision

To deliver guaranteed fuel savings, Verde leverages data from a plethora of sensors and devices. Because this data is already captured for the Fuel Management Program the data is available for other anlytical applications. As a result, Verde now offers a suite of applications that deliver operational insights beyond the initial Fuel Management Program.

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